Arrival & Departure
Workshop start at 7AM Colorado Time. You are Welcome to arrive the Day/ Evening before, to set up & get rest. We ask that you please notify us if you choose to arrive a day earlier.

Daily schedule
The schedule is subject to change but generally begins at 7:00 AM and may run until 6:00PM in the evening. We really try to maximize the time to cover as much material as possible in a short amount of time. Please be responsible and manage your own energy—the days can be long but you are welcome to rest and observe and take as many breaks as needed.

Meals and Accommodations Not Included. Two Supermarkets (Safeway & Walmart) are in town, 25 min away. (You are responsible for your own food, snacks, drinks, coffee, tea, WATER, fruit, bug spray, sunscreen spray/lotion, gloves, eye protection, phone chargers, cooler, ice, first aid kit, etc.)

There is a one Time fee of $120 to stay on the property ground. Camping /RVing / CarCamping. We do not provide bedding, mats or any manner of camping equipment. Although it can be moderate to fairly warm during the day, temperatures tend to drop considerably at night. Please bring extra warm stuff for nighttime sleeping.

Please be self-sufficient, realistic, and plan properly. Off site accommodations – there are many hotels and AirBnb options within a few miles of the Workshop.

What do I need to bring/wear?

  • Work boots: Closed toe boots are (Required!) for the Hands-On portion of this Workshop. We recommend more of a work boot or hiking boot. Sandals are Not permitted during the Hands-On sessions.

  • Long pants: Jeans, denim or heavy duty pants are recommended for pants (rather than modern lightweight synthetic fabric or athletic wear). Denim resists tears & is much better than synthetic fabrics and offers more protection for your skin.

  • Protective Work Glasses (Required!)
  • Back Support Belt (Required!)
  • Dust mask for dust/cement use (multi pack) or even a bandana, whatever works for you (Very Recommended!)
  • Gloves (Required!): Please bring heavy duty gloves as well as a pair of rubber gloves (recommended long) for wet work. The less expensive leather gloves (generally under $5.00) offer the best protection for your hands. They also make working much easier. We suggest avoiding more refined leather, as well as any “hi-tech” looking or synthetic fabric gloves because they are ineffective. Rubber gloves should also be thick and strong. These gloves are sometimes labeled as “chemical resistant”. Dish washing gloves will tear and are not recommended.

  • Hat/ bandana/sunscreen/lip balm: for sun protection

  • Long Sleeve Shirts: Breathable material is Helpful, as is a shirt with a collar (think various amounts of sun/wind protection). No matter what time of the year, there might be  quite a significant drop in temperature by nightfall. Additionally, bring layered clothing to address weather fluctuations. Enough work clothes & warm clothes for the period of time you will be attending the workshop (Sweatproof T-Shirts) Rain Clothing/ raincoat / rain boots. Enough Clean Socks!!!!

  • First Aid kit, Vitamins, your personal meds if required.
  • Bug Spray, Sunscreen Spray / lotion.
  • Notebook & Pens
  • Your Phones, your Phone Charger !!!
  • CASH, CREDIT CARDS, Your ID (A Must)
    Traveling away from home, you never know what could happen. Gas Stations might not accept credit cards, grocery stores, etc.
    Make sure to bring cash. Highly Recommended & Advised!!
  • Water, energy snacks and other drinks. We have 2 stores nearby, you can purchase these upon arrival if needed.

  • Great Attitude 😉

    Please come Geared up & Prepared!!

Traveling to the Workshop
If flying, there are 2 airports to choose from for your arrival to Colorado & then driving to Trinidad: 1 in Denver (which is further away) & 1 in Colorado Springs (closer to us).

Car Rental
You will see several car rental options at the airport. For your convenience, we suggest that you make these arrangements prior to your arrival.


We are looking forward to Welcoming you soon!!