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Anne & Scott("American Eagle, Custom-made Art piece" - purchase)

We are both AMAZED at how Incredible this piece looks!!!! We looked for a while now to find a special art piece to put in our dining room/living room. And NOW we have it! MANY MANY THANKS, HARRY!! You created exactly what we both wanted, WOW!! Sending our Love to both of you guys!!
~ Anne & Scott

RichardEPIC Recipe & Mixing Instructions

As I just purchased the recipe, I have not made use of it at this time; however, I plan to use it in building a dome. I base my decision to use EPIC based on performance of the product in reviewed videos. The description in the downloaded pdf provides easily understood instructions regarding the materials and amount required. Also appreciated was a prompt and clearly stated reply to a question that I had after purchase.

Elisabeth Teresi("120 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam Generator" - purchase)

Shipping time was great! I got it for my sons for Christmas and they are elated! Ergo, so am I!!

Brian Simmons("120 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam Generator" - purchase)

Simple to use and the foot switch and hooks make it very convenient. Love it

M.B. Silverstein("120 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam Generator" - purchase)

Aircrete Harry is a pleasure to do business with.
Even though I had dozen of questions for him, he never seemed to grow tired with me and was always pleasant to do business with.
The generator is just as described. Wonderful product at a great price. Much better than some other ones on the market.
I will definitely continue to do business with him. Highly recommended.

Dustin("WHO YOU Gonna CALL?!" - purchase)

Great Information. Harry was very helpful in answering all my questions.

Paul S.("WHO YOU Gonna CALL?!" -purchase)

You are THE MAN! You have given me so much more information besides answering ALL my questions, Man. Seriously, I am forever Grateful to YOU!!
Best money I ever spent. I wouldn't even call it that, please know my deepest thanks to you and your advice, your kindness, your heart, just by speaking to you you saved my Family a lot of money. I know it. My brother George will be ordering his Generator from you on Monday, he is in AZ now. Can't wait to receive my order tomorrow, man! Great speaking with YOU!! What a GREAT PERSON!!

Jim("120 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam Generator" - purchase)

well designed, well packed, excellent qualities. I added a air regulator just past the inlet valve and with 60psi air in I make perfect foam at 3lbs per 5 gallons.

Teresa("120 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam Generator" - purchase)

Shipped fast and all is here! Great service Thanks!

bellaleone77("120 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam Generator" - purchase)

Super fast shipping. Great communication.

Nora("120 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam Generator" - purchase)

Incredibly fast shipping! Harry has been available and very helpful, answering all of our questions really quickly, too. We have only tested the foam machine out at this point, but it was simple to assemble and appears to be very good quality.
Thanks, Harry!

Tif Farmakis-Day("120 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam Generator" - purchase)

Very fast shipping! Lots of care went into this package! Truly appreciate it and very happy with my purchase! Thank-you so much!!

William("120 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam Generator" - purchase)

It's a great product Works great

Eric("120 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam Generator" - purchase)

At first I was a little hesitant to purchase this. The basic design is nothing new so to me this all boiled down to the type of water pump that was being used. I sent Harry a message asking about the pump and he responded with the answer the same day. Once he told me the model of pump being used I went ahead and placed the order. The order was shipped on the same day and Harry quickly sent me a confirmation email with tracking number. The generator was well packed and protected for shipping. Harry also included a "Remember Our Neighborhood Stores" calendar which my Wife fell in love with right away! I was able to get the generator out of the box and making foam in no time flat. Thanks again Harry! Great Job!!!

Tamra("24 Foot Dome Air-Form • Custom Order" - purchase)

Harry answered all my questions, fast delivery, great customer service...plan to order a smaller air form if this one works out. Thanks Harry!

Marc Jurek("120 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam Generator" - purchase)

Absolutely the best foam generator on the market.

Gardy Gonzales("120 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam Generator" - purchase)

Makes the foam just right, and at different densities. The ease of this product pays for itself. Will be making multiple units out of aircrete down by the boarder!

Tommy("WHO YOU Gonna CALL?!" - purchase)

My Family & I Send You MUCH LOVE & A HUGE THANK YOU!!
YOU saved us a lot of money, headaches, time,.... and did I mention money, YES, man!!
YOU have a GREAT Heart!!
Highly Recommend to contact AIRCRETE HARRY if you have any questions in this department (and beyond)!

Karl L.("Tree of Life Creation - Art piece" -purchase)

Our Gratitude to Both The Mrs. & Aircrete Harry, My Wife & I LOVE the Art piece. Very detailed, Great work. Our Family always had a connection to the Tree of Life symbol & we are very very happy to have ordered that piece from your site. Highly Recommend these Beautiful People. We are Grateful & appreciative for all you do!! This is not our last order!

Lydia("24 Foot Custom-made Dome Airform" - purchase) AND ("How to build/mount to slab VIDEO" - purchase)

Thank You Aircrete Harry!!
Very easy to follow the directions & super excited to start our project! I must say for that price it is a give-away. Thank You Harry for Helping others make something Great & so much more Affordable!! Our Kids (while watching your videos) call the Airform a "big Bubble gum". Well, we are about to have our own big bubble gum here, I will email you photos 🙂 SO EXCITED!!

Sunny("The Crown Chakra" - purchase)

Mrs. Aircrete, you gave a beautiful suggestion, my Wife Loves the necklace. (and it got here just on time) Great quality work, super price. Also, Thank you for the very thoughtful note. Many Thanks!!

Carmen("120 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam Generator" - purchase)

I love, love, love my foam generator. It was shipped and received in record speed along with wonderful instructions and email follow ups on the order. I have made several batches of aircrete blocks and the foam generator is a breeze to use. It's my new favorite toy! I highly recommend Aircrete Harry for his fabulous customer service and his products for being well-made and user friendly.
Peace and love,

Jennifer("230 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam Generator" - purchase)

100% Excellent customer service. Thank you both very very much. Harry responded to every single one of my messages before the order & after I received it. He helped me tremendously. Harry went above & beyond in every way I can possibly think. That is a gift I can not put a price on. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND his products, his customer service & his positive attitude. Harry, Thank You from my heart!!

Tim Sepi("120 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam Generator" - purchase)

Harry has a very rare quality, as a consumer I'm very impressed by his customer care!
Extremely fast response towards shipping and delivery. I was planning on building a machine similar to his product but after viewing his tutorial videos I felt it was best to purchase from him. He seems to know his stuff when it comes to this efficient method of construction. I would definitely recommend his product to anyone researching this practice of building, and look forward to creating with his innovative technique for "foam Crete" Thank you so much Harry for your outstanding customer service!

Michael("120 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam Generator" - purchase)

Great product. It shipped the same day I ordered it. Thanks Harry.

Mona W.("120 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam Generator" - purchase)

Great Machine!! Easy to operate, VERY convenient features, Got it in 2 days. Already made tons of great foam. My neighbor is intrigued! I am sensing a new customer 😀 Great packaging & lovely note! THANK YOU BOTH Mr.+Mrs. Aircrete Harry PS: Love seeing You Both in Videos!! Mona W.

Yoa Yoîk Yasî("120 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam Generator" - purchase)

Excellent foam generator and great customer service! I would make the same decision a second time....imo beats all competition...

Luis("230 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam Generator" - purchase)

Gracias Amigo! A Pleasure to communicate with you. Thank you for the great tips, thank you thank you. Very helpful, your help is priceless. Very honorable man, Harry! My Family is very excited about the build. Last night I emailed you photos, looks very good. Very happy!!!!

Pam L.("120 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam Generator" - purchase)

YOU Both Are so AMAZING!! Such Loving & Helpful people. My Success is because of Your guidance. So appreciated & held dearly to my heart. I was excited, but did not know just HOW much joy this purchase would bring my family & I. And having spoken to you, being able to ask tons of questions (what a patience you have WOW) is truly very special. This is from my heart: THANK YOU SO INCREDIBLY MUCH!! Looking forward to many more YT videos, you guys 😉

Candy Ganes("230 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam Generator" - purchase)

G-r-e-a-t Unit!! We are so so so excited to start our build 🙂 Thank YOU kindly for all the advice & your time You gifted us with over the zoom call, absolutely Amazing! My Friend was so Right RECOMMENDING YOU, HARRY!! Cheers Our Friend & Thank You for Welcoming us to The Aircrete Family 🙂 Hugs & Love to Mrs. Aircrete!

Millard("120 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam Generator" - purchase)

Aircrete Harry shipped my order very fast and before I knew anything it was on my door step. The quality of the parts is great. He gave me wonderful instructions also. You really can't beat the service he gives.

Walter R.("120 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam Generator" - purchase)

Starting the New Year by finally following by goals (building!!) No time to waste, right?! 🙂
After speaking to You on the phone Sir Harry, you opened my eyes to many more possibilities & for that alone I AM VERY THANKFUL!! I am Very Pleased & Happy with My Purchase & Recommend it to the World!!! You want stuff done, you take the first step. I sure did & it is happening!!! Harry, MANY MANY HEARTFELT THANKS!

Rebecca("Chakra Earrings, Custom-made" - purchase)

Now that I received these Beauties to gift to My MOM, I am in Love & just placed my 2nd order for myself =) They are great quality, beautiful & stunning!! Love the Energy You Both Project! I will be back for more with some great ideas I would love made out of wood. So EXCITED! Thank You again!!

Beatrice and John K.("120 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam Generator" - purchase)

We are so excited to announce the Aircrete & Epic doghouse (all 3) are finished!! Our 3 boys are very happy, running around, hanging out inside to cool down while the sun is out. We have been sharing with everyone who would listen how great of a deal it is. Affordable & Fast to build!! Chickens are next =) Harry, such Pleasure meeting You & Mrs. Aircrete! Thank You both for guiding us in the right directions, we Love You!!!!!!

Wolfgang T.("VIDEO+EPIC Recipe & Mixing Instructions" AND "230 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam generator" - purchase)

My English a little. Vielen Dank Herr Aircrete Harry. Ich bin sehr froh, dass ich Dich gefunden habe! Deine Videos auf YouTube sind sehr hilfsbereich & haben mir sehr geholfen!! Das Aircrete Harry Foam Generator - Machine ist SUPER!! Macht tolles Foam = Schaum!! Ich bin sehr glucklich!! Ich bin sehr dankbar!! Viele Grusse Wolfgang

Katie F.("120 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam Generator" - purchase)

SUPER AWESOME Purchase!!! AND Great Benefit!!
THANK YOU BOTH VERY MUCH for the Time You took to answer more questions than I had ready 😉
My Garden(beds) will be looking AMAZINGGGGGG!!!!!!

Lilian("WHO YOU Gonna CALL?!" - purchase)

Thank You a million!! We learned SO Much from talking to You Harry!!
Now we are even more convinced in following Our Dreams. Starting the 2nd project this weekend. HUGS to You & The Mrs.!!

Philip S.(120 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam Generator" - purchase)

Hello Harry,
I just received your foam generator. It is awesome!! Its makes great foam and is worth every penny!!
Philip S.

Valentina Z.("WHO YOU GONNA CALL?!" - purchase)

Dear Aircrete Harry!! The Information You provided me with changed the whole route of our original plan & guided us in THE RIGHT Direction!! I will be forever Grateful to You for explaining so much to me & sending me the contact information I otherwise would not had known to even look for. Your videos have always inspired myself & my 2 sons & their families! We are now all on board & completed the second structure on our new property. Just emailed you the video!! THANK YOU SIR!! FOREVER GRATEFUL TO YOU!!! 👍🙏 Sincerely, Valentina

Kiril R.(120 Volt Aircrete Harry Foam Generator" - purchase)

YOU ROCK AIRCRETE HARRY!!! I followed your videos since the beginning. You are Genuine, Hardworking & Real!! 100% + RECOMMEND this Man's Foam Generator. I can say that because I had tested them all...Harry I know Oleg & Ben placed their orders after they came over to my garage. They can't wait, Best part my kids are not sitting in front of their computers & actually helping me with projects! Thanks Man, much Love for You Brother! Kiril

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