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19 Foot Diameter • 13.5 Foot Tall Dome Fiberglass Reinforcement Mesh • Custom Order • by Aircrete-Harry






19 Foot Diameter • 13.5 Foot Tall DOME Fiberglass Reinforcement Mesh

Custom Order – by Aircrete-Harry



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19 Foot Diameter • 13.5 Foot Tall Dome Fiberglass Mesh Reinforcement Mesh – Custom Order – by Aircrete-Harry

Custom Made to order Dome Fiberglass Reinforcement Mesh.


Please email me: & include the measurements you wish if other than listed above which is 19 feet. Thank You.



👉  This Fiberglass Reinforcement Mesh is very Light Weight & super EASY to place on top of The Air-Form. 

👉  Use this Custom-Made Mesh Reinforcement for Spraying or Hand-applying cement onto it; for building a Strong and Fireproof Dome.

Please be advised, the Tyvek Air-form in the image of this listing is not included.

For Tyvek Air-Form see the other listing.


So, let’s get it done, we did! ?


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Dome Cabin Build Start to Finish VIDEO: 

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Additional information

Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 19 in