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Aircrete R-Value • Stamped Engineering Test Report • for a 60 Gallon Aircrete Mix • by Aircrete-Harry • Note: Read Listing description for clear details






As announced on My YouTube Channel in the

LIVE Video from February 20, 2022

& Video from February 11, 2023


This Listing is for:

an Aircrete R-Value Stamped Engineering Test Report for a

40 Gallon Aircrete Mix Design.

In the future we will have further Listings for Other More Insulative Mix Designs options to be tested. This 60 Gallon Mix will be the first one. 



The R-Value Stamped Engineer Report is NEEDED for anyone hiring a Licensed Engineer to approve & design their Floor Plans.


So, if you are planning to build with Aircrete, you may present that Documentation to a Licensed Structural Engineer. ✅


Please NOTE: Once the testing is done & stamped by a Licensed

R-Value Engineer, you will receive a Pdf File with the stamped Documentation.


The Listing cost is only $200.00 USD

It is based on having 15 people make that purchase to cover the cost of:

• Materials for the Aircrete Sample Mix

Container for the Aircrete Mix Sample

Shipping for Testing

Testing for R-Value ✅

• Licensed R-Value Engineer’s Stamp ?


The process has now begun! The samples were made & are now curing to be sent out.


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The sale price for this listing is $200.00

Once the Documentation is ready, Pdf-file-s will be emailed.

We do not ship hard copies or paper, discs, etc.

Please be advised, there is no cancelation / no refund on this listing purchase.

Please make sure to read through the full description; so, you know, understand, comprehend & agree to the purchase you are making.

Ask as many questions as you may have Prior to your purchases, email: [email protected]

Note, once you purchase any items/ units/ links/ pdf-files/ Aircrete R-Value Documentation via email, etc. on this website, you enter a binding contract. Please be advised, there is no refund on this purchase. We don’t accept any cancellations after this purchase is made.

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