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Aircrete R-Value • Stamped Engineering Test Report • for a 40 Gallon Aircrete Mix • by Aircrete-Harry • Note: Read Listing description for clear details






As announced on My YouTube Channel in the

LIVE Video from February 20, 2022


This Listing is for:

an Aircrete R-Value Stamped Engineering Test Report for a

40 Gallon Aircrete Mix Design.


The Decision to have a 4o Gallon Mix Design Testing done

was based on the Poll Vote on My YouTube Channel.

Main Page: Community: Poll.

In the future we will have further Listings for Other More Insulative Mix Designs options to be tested.

This 40 Gallon Mix will be the first one. 



The R-Value Stamped Engineer Report is NEEDED for anyone hiring a Licensed Engineer to approve & design their Floor Plans.


So, if you are planning to build with Aircrete, you may present that Documentation to a Licensed Structural Engineer. ✅


Please NOTE: Once the testing is done & stamped by a Licensed

R-Value Engineer, you will receive a Pdf File with the stamped Documentation.


The Listing cost is only $200.00

It is based on having 15 people make that purchase to cover the cost of:

• Materials for the Aircrete Sample Mix

Container for the Aircrete Mix Sample

Shipping for Testing

Testing for R-Value ✅

• Licensed R-Value Engineer’s Stamp ?


3 More people are required to make this happen!!

The Sample will be made & ready to ship next year. 

In the event of not having sold 15 of these listings by end of August 2023, the listing will be voided & everyone who made this purchase will be fully reimbursed. 


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The sale price for this listing is $200.00

Once the Documentation is ready, Pdf-file-s will be emailed.

We do not ship hard copies or paper, discs, etc.

Please be advised, there is no cancelation / no refund on this listing purchase.

Please make sure to read through the full description; so, you know, understand, comprehend & agree to the purchase you are making.

Ask as many questions as you may have Prior to your purchases, email: [email protected]

Note, once you purchase any items/ units/ links/ pdf-files/ Aircrete R-Value Documentation via email, etc. on this website, you enter a binding contract. Please be advised, there is no refund on this purchase. We don’t accept any cancellations after this purchase is made.

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