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Third Eye – also known as Ajna 

The Brow Chakra or Third Eye is the 6th Chakra, located between the eyebrows/ forehead, also known as Ajna Chakra. The gift of this Chakra is Clear Seeing.

It is seeing beyond the physical form, beyond the frequencies of material world, seeing the subtle energies and higher vibrations.

The energy of Ajna Chakra allows us to access our inner guidance.


Details and Governance: The root chakra governs the body’s pituitary gland, it also influences the Sixth Sense – The Higher Mind.

Emotionally, this Chakra is the seat intuition, and extra-sensory perception.

Its element is Time, its color is Indigo, and its Mantra is “OM“, “AUM” or “KSHAM


This Beautiful Design of the Third Eye may be used as You wish – as a Pendant, Ornament, Wall/Car Décor, etc.

The ideas/imaginations are Limitless!!


Description: (1pc)

Beautiful Third Eye Pendant Necklace or simply a Décor with its meaning lasered on the back:

The Third Eye Chakra is associated with the color indigo. Wear indigo to encourage intuition and insight and to inspire mental clarity.

Material: Birch Plywood

Size: 2.75 inches in Diameter

Chain Size: 30 inches


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