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COMING SOON!! 2022 • Aircrete Harry’s™ Hands-On Workshop (Dates will be posted soon)



Aircrete Harry’s™
Hands-On Dome Building WorkShop 2022
(Dates to be posted soon) 
The Seventh Workshop
Intro about Aircrete Harry™
Aircrete Harry started his journey In New York City, experimenting with making Aircrete stronger.
After building experimental test domes and knocking them down, Harry was able to grow his Knowledge.
Many tests later Harry learned a better way on how to; AND with that Knowledge under his belt & Persistence to create a better way as well as Help People all around the World;
Harry and Mrs. Aircrete Harry moved to Colorado to build an Off-Grid Dome Home as Inexpensively and as Strong as possible.
In the Month of December of 2019 (yes!) Harry pulled the unthinkable, – yet Proof is right there, standing Nice & Strong!!
His & Mrs. Aircrete Harry’s own Dome home structure.
Aircrete Harry then published all the videos proving & demonstrating yet again that it is possible!
After building eight more experimental test domes in Colorado, Aircrete Harry has developed a new Dome Building System.
A Big Part of it is Aircrete Harry’s development of the Light-Weight Air-Forms made from the Tyvek Material.
The Air-Forms Aircrete Harry has available on his website, as well as teaches you how to make correctly during the Hands-on Workshop, are MUCH Lighter & easy to handle (by 1 person vs many people & even heavy machinery). 
Aircrete Bricks/ Forms need a long curing time. 
Aircrete Harry will introduce you to many different options of Building.
Some of his Domes are made with EPIC & Latex, others with Aircrete.
The last Domes; number six, seven and eight, have everything Aircrete Harry has learned, incorporated into it.
And Aircrete Harry is looking forward to Sharing His Knowledge with YOU!!
Learn How to Build a Dome to Code
• How to make an Air-Form Template
• How to make a Tyvek Air-Form
• How to make a Fiberglass Mesh
• How to build a Foundation
• How to cut, bend & install Rebar
• How to prepare Angle Iron for Mounting of an Air-Form
• How to mount an Air-Form to Ring-Beam
• How to build a blower box with one way air valve with pressure regulator 
• How to mix Latex Concrete
• How to pour an Aircrete Slab
• How to apply concrete to Air-Form 
• How to apply wire mesh and rebar
• How to mix ceramic cement mix
• How to mix Aircrete
• How to shred foam for EPIC and store it 
• How to mix E.P.I.C. Cement mixes (EPS + Paper Infused with Cement)
• How to build a square Aircrete house (Talk about)
• How to build a hyperbolic paraboloid roof (Talk about)
• How to build a Doorway (Show & Talk about)
•  & MUCH More Information related and not related to Building
•  Subjects you may be familiar with or will be after you leave – BENEFICIAL!!  
9 – Day Workshop Tuition
$1500 per student
Meals and Accommodations Not Included.
If you have any medical condition(s), any sickness or are recovering from any medical condition or/and any sickness, injuries, rehabilitation, etc.  –
you must notify Aircrete Harry & Mrs. Aircrete Harry via email first. (followed by their response)
If you are considering bringing your pet(s) with you,
you must notify Aircrete Harry & Mrs. Aircrete Harry via email first.
Upon payment you will receive further emails with more details. 
Hotels are a 25 minute drive from the workshop location,
as well as 2 Supermarkets in town.
If you have questions about the workshop, please contact:
(Ask as many questions as you needprior to this purchase.)

• Please be advised, the spots for this Hands-On Workshop are limited.

• If the workshop has to be fully cancelled for any reason, etc. (by Aircrete Harry), you will then receive a full refund for booking the spot for the Workshop ($1500.00).

• Note, the workshop will take place surrounded by nature, which you are asked to kindly Respect.

• Weather & other acts of God are out of Mr. & Mrs. Aircrete Harry’s control.

• ONCE MORE, Please ask as many questions as you may have & need prior to this purchase. It will save us all time. Thank You!




Please make sure to read through the full description; so you know, understand, comprehend & agree to the purchase you are making.

(Ask as many questions as you may have Prior to your purchases, Note, once you purchase this listing for attending a Hands-On Workshop, you enter a binding contract. Please be advised, there is/ will be no refund on this purchase. The purchase may not be transferred for any other Hands-On Workshop Dates. We do/will not accept any cancellations after this purchase is made.

THANK YOU & Please continue being Your Best Self! 





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