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Custom Listing for Leah – by Aircrete-Harry – no refunds – no cancellations – details in the listing description: • Aircrete-Harry Foam Generator, 230 Volt Unit, EU outlet – including Shipping to Germany – No refund on this listing purchase







The Custom Listing, created for you, includes:

Aircrete-Harry Foam Generator, 230 Volt, EU outlet 

An assembled Wand  

A Screen Filter for your foam solution 

2 long Tubing. One for the wand & one for the foaming agent solution 

Air compressor regulator with gauge, which comes with an air-valve handle connection 

A Footswitch /Pedal. Very Convenient = Hands-Free. Made in the USA 

US Adapter 

EU Adapter 


• Shipping to Germany – nonrefundable 

• Including Insurance on Shipping – nonrefundable 



The package will be shipped to the address in Germany, as provided & confirmed via email communications.

International Shipment.

You will be provided Tracking details once the order is shipped.




The sale price for this custom listing is $542.59 USD including Shipping to Germany. All details were disclosed & confirmed via email communication. Please be advised, there is no refund on this purchase.

Please allow 3-5 business days for the order to be shipped. Thank You.

Please make sure to read through the full description; so, you know, understand, comprehend & agree to the purchase you are making.

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Please Note that items shipped to foreign countries may be stuck in customs for some period of time. Please allow item expectancy time to be extended for such actions. Thank You.

Possible Import fees for international orders are Buyer’s responsibility.


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