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TWO x 1 Gallon • Aircrete THICKENING AGENT – by Aircrete-Harry • Allows you to pour Aircrete Much Higher – Recommended for All Cement Work! SAVE on SHIPPING



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Aircrete Thickening Agent – by Aircrete-Harry

 Allows you to pour Aircrete Much Higher

• Make Aircrete Much Stronger

Highly Recommended for great Results ??

– Makes great Difference in All Cement type work

• SAVE on SHIPPING by Buying TWO x 1 Gallon 


👉 For the Aircrete Thickening Agent / Air Entrainment Liquid:

 Instructions: Use 2 caps full of Aircrete Thickening Agent / Air Entrainment Liquid to 92- 94 lbs. bag of cement.

  1 Gallon of Aircrete Thickening Agent will be good for 64 Bags of 92- 94 lbs. bag of cement.

 Two x 1-Quart of Air Entrainment Liquids will be good for 64 Bags of 92- 94 lbs. bag of cement.

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The Package includes:

  • TWO x 1 Gallon of Aircrete Thickener

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Additional information

Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in