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Dear Valued Customer,

I receive a lot of emails & messages on other platforms including many different questions – and I’d Love to Help YOU All!

Many questions may be answered in a few sentences – and we do so. Other require a lot of Time.

For the Time – where I share many

Links including my own

Time-consuming Research & Knowledge





– which saves a Lot of people aggravation, money & Time.

Consultation Call Questions  Answers  Advice Help Many Years of Research Money saving Information Knowledge & More 


The Time we spend on such detailed responses, that often follow in many more emails, interactions & further questions, – is the Time we take away from being able to continue working on our own projects, our videos, my research & Most Importantly My Wife.


Therefore, this listing was inspired & created by the Mrs. Aircrete-Harry.

It benefits both of us Dear Valued Customer.


In My Wife’s own words:

What the Customer gets from this purchase is so Much more than the money’s worth. It is Hand-On Knowledge, Experience, Testing, Guidance, Advice, Links, Answers, Contact Information, Support & Your Beautiful Heart that seeks to Help every Great Individual to your Best Ability. Time is something we won’t get back!


DIRECT One on One Call with Aircrete-Harry


We will schedule a Call to your Convenience with you upon the purchase.

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a Zoom Call



Aircrete Harry will be all ears & glad to Listen, Help & Assist!  = QUESTIONS ANSWERED





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Please be advised: there is no refund on this purchase. 

☎️ Please be advised: if at any point your intentions are negative, – Harry reserves the right to cancel & end the call with once again No Refund. Same goes for Disrespect, Demands or Any other inappropriate behavior – determined by Mr. & Mrs. Aircrete Harry.

Time is Valued & will not be wasted on foolishness!

Please make sure to read through the full description; so, you know, understand, comprehend & agree to the purchase you are making.

Ask as many questions as you may have Prior to your purchase, email:

Note: once you place your order for the consultation call with Aircrete Harry on this website, you enter a binding contract. Please be advised, there is no refund on this purchase. We don’t accept any cancellations after this purchase is made. Please don’t waste our time with funny games, we won’t tolerate it.


We are looking forward to having You as Our Valued Customer!

THANK YOU & continue being your Best Self!



Our Best,

Mr. & Mrs. Aircrete-Harry




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