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E.P.I.C. Mix R-Value • Expanded Polystyrene Paper Infused Cement • Stamped Engineering Test Report • AVAILABLE NOW! • listing by Aircrete-Harry





This Listing is for:

E.P.I.C. R-Value • Expanded Polystyrene Paper Infused Cement • Stamped Engineering Test Report

Available Now!



The R-Value Stamped Engineer Report is NEEDED for anyone hiring a Licensed Engineer to approve & design their Floor Plans. If you are planning to build with E.P.I.C., you may present this Documentation to a Licensed Structural Engineer. ✅


You will receive a Pdf File with the stamped Documentation.


The Listing’s cost is Only $250.00 USD.

This is a great opportunity to save a lot of money.

Licensed Lab work is very expensive – we did our best to make it possible while being affordable to many of you.





•  The process has now officially begun!

– The sample was made & let to cure

– The sample was sent out

– The sample was received by the lab

The sample was undergoing an additional drying process, etc. & soon after the testing began.


The testing has been performed & the report is NOW Available!



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